Easily Improve Your Backyard Appeal

We all know that curb appeal (the way your house looks from the street) is essential but don’t forget about your backyard.  An attractive, inviting, and comfortable backyard adds value to your home, as well as providing benefits for your family and any visitors you may have.  Here are a few ways to improve the appeal of your backyard.

Create an Indoor Outdoor Connection

In any room in your house, it’s important to have a beautiful, functional door.  The same is true of your backyard space.  A magnetic outdoor space begins with the right patio doors.  In addition to creating a functional connection between your interior and exterior space, a sliding glass door can provide your home with an abundance of natural light and gives you the option to leave it open to show off your home’s interior to your guests.

French patio doors have an aesthetic appeal that creates an elegant, timeless look that adds visual character that flows from the inside to the outside a home.   French style doors from Milgard® are available in multiple panel configurations.  Large multi-panel patio doors can practically open up a whole wall to create an expansive indoor-outdoor space extending your entertaining power beyond the dining room and into the backyard.

Lawn and Garden

An unkempt lawn is neither inviting nor attractive. Keeping your lawn cut and edges trimmed is the key to creating a park-like appeal to your yard.  Getting rid of weeds is important, especially the ones the pop up in the cracks in your patio, not only are they ugly, but they can also cause damage to your patio in the future.  Give your yard a polished look by trimming weeds away from any fencing or decking.

Clearing debris from your yard like dead branches or leaves will help to give the impression of crispness and cleanliness.  Prune trees and trim shrubs regularly, this will make your yard look nice and help you keep your plants in peak condition, and improve beauty.  Considering adding a new flower garden or adding fresh mulch to the flower beds you have to give your landscape a fresh look.

Exterior Improvements

When you’re entertaining in your backyard, you do see the back of your house.  Just like with the front of a home, improvements to the exterior can drastically improve the backyard atmosphere.  Consider cleaning your siding with a pressure washer.  If you have a deck, you may need to paint or re-stain it for an improved look.  Replacing your home’s windows can have a big impact on both the front and back exterior look of your home.

Broken or old outdated windows can be ugly.  Upgrading your windows can give your house a fresh clean look, and can elevate your home’s curb appeal by updating the style and giving it a more modern appearance. New replacement windows can also improve the look of interior spaces and increase your home’s energy efficiency making them a great long-term investment.

A Space Dedicated to an Outdoor Lifestyle

Consider creating designated spaces for specific parts of your outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s a patio, deck, or yard space, dedicated outdoor living spaces can create the impression of having an extra “bonus room”.   Patio spaces with outdoor kitchen areas are very popular.  An expansive deck space designed for dining along with a comfortable relaxation space for kicking back and relaxing benefits both friends and family.  Place an outdoor furniture set in your garden to establish a space dedicated to quiet meditation. Build an outdoor fire pit space for roasting those yummy marshmallows, or create a kid-friendly play area with a playhouse or a tree swing.  With a little attention, your backyard can be fun, functional, and appealing.

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