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New Screens

window screen install

At Dick’s Rancho Glass we manufacturers all of our screens “in house.”  We can make screens virtually any size that you may need and in a timely fashion, usually in 1-3 days.  We use high quality materials to make our screens so you get long lasting use out of them.  You can choose fiberglass screening, which is what most new windows come with.  It’s made of vinyl coated fiberglass yarns.  It’s strong, long lasting and is not easily damaged.  We carry fiberglass in charcoal (black) and grey.  Another alternative is wire screening, which offers the same protection from bugs as fiberglass and is made of aluminum wire.  Frame colors available are: white, bronze (dark brown), silver, and almond.

window screen before and after repair
re-screen repair shot

The best way to order screens is to bring in an old screen to have us duplicate it.  There are many variables to ordering screens and if we have a sample, all the questions are answered.  If you don’t have an existing screen, you can find an ordering worksheet in the DIY section of our website. Of course, we offer on-site service for all your screen needs too, so you let us worry about all the details for you!! Ask us for details!



If your existing screens just need a face lift, we can do that too.  Just bring your screens in to us and we will make them look like new again!