Water Spot Protective Coating

Protect Your Investment!

We highly recommend that you protect your shower door investment by purchasing a water spot protective coating for your new shower enclosure! This should be done at the time of purchase so your glass is protected as soon as you begin to use your newly installed shower enclosure. We order different types of glass and/or showers from different glass suppliers and each supplier offers their own version of a water spot protective coating. Ask us which version of the coating your glass supplier offers so we can give you additional information about best practices for cleaning your coated glass as well as warranty information.

How it works!

The coatings are typically applied at the factor level and are either sprayed on or baked into the glass. Glass has pores like human skin and the coating fills the pores of the glass with a hydrophobic coating that repels water and hard water and soap scum. This coating makes it so any of the hard water and/or soap scum that is deposited on the surface of the glass cannot be absorbed into the glass and you can simply rinse it off with clean water and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth. If your glass is untreated, the hard water could be absorbed into the pores of the glass making it impossible to remove. Don’t let this happen to you! Call us today to talk about the different water spot protective coating options that we offer!


More Benefits of Hydroshield Protective Coating

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