Insulated/Dual Pane

• Broken Window?
• Fogged Window?

Save time and expense by having Dick’s Rancho Glass replace only your broken or fogged glass and not the entire sash. Those foggy windows around your home are much more than just unsightly; the seal failures are visual proof that they are no longer providing the insulation they should.

We can make your windows as energy efficient as when they were new. We can replace just the insulated unit in your sash. Older insulated units can be made more efficient by purchasing replacements with LowE technology and argon gas.

before and after window treatment

The window on the left shows a dual pane glass unit with a failed seal. As you can see there is condensation between the two glass panes.

The window to the right shows the same window with a new replacement glass unit. This unit comes with a warranty that will cover seal failure for 10 years.

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Characteristics of Insulated Dual Pane Glass:
Insulating glass units improve the thermal performance of glazing by providing a thermal break – two lites of glass separated by a sealed air space. These key properties enable insulating glass to meet two very different requirements-keeping heat in during winter and keeping heat out during summer.

Anatomy of an Insulated Dual Pane Glass Unit:

window pane graphic

Benefits of Insulated Glass Units:
* Save on heating and cooling by reducing air-to-air heat transfer
* Increase personal comfort and aids in energy conservation
* Reduce sound transmission