Replacing your Sliding Glass Door with a French door

Are you tired of wrestling with that old sliding glass door, or maybe just looking for a way to create a fresh new look for your home?  Replacing your old slider with a new French patio door may be the solution. While remodeling replacing an old sliding glass door with a new sliding glass door is common, however, you can often opt to retrofit your patio door with the elegant flair of French doors instead.

When it comes to glass patio doors, you don’t want just any doors.  You want stylish doors that operate easily, offer safety and security, and look great.  For many people, French doors evoke a sense of history and style while adding a touch of elegance to a home.  When you picture French doors you may simply think of hinged doors that swing inward or outward, but actually, it is the wide lower rail that gives a French door its recognizable style.  A French door is more than just an entry point, it’s a statement of style.

Ultra Series French Doors
Milgard Ultra Series French Doors

If you’re considering a hinged French door you’ll need to think about the location of your current sliding door and consider the additional space a swinging door will need when fully opened.  Hinged doors require unobstructed operational space, so you need to be sure the door won’t hit a wall, a rail, or a piece of furniture.  In-swing French doors open into the interior of the room.  Out-swing patio doors open out to the exterior space. Milgard® offers hinged French doors in either in-swing and out-swing configuration options. 

If space is an issue you can still get that French door look without the swinging door.  Milgard offers a French-style sliding door that has the appearance of traditional hinged French doors, with wider stiles and rails, while functioning as a sliding glass door.  Milgard French style sliding doors are available in Vinyl – Milgard® Tuscany Series, or in Fiberglass – Milgard® Ultra Series.  These doors combine the space-saving convenience of a sliding door with the elegance of a French rail. 

Replacing that old sliding glass door with a French patio door can not only elevate the style and beauty of your home, it can also provide increased energy efficiency, safety and security, and functionality.  Most homes are built with patio doors that are “builder grade”, meaning that at the time they had the best price when the house was built, so not the best.  Even quality doors lose efficiency with age.  New patio doors are made with energy efficiency in mind.  Hinged patio doors can also provide a improvement in security. Not only do new doors come with premium hardware options for added security, but French doors that swing out also can’t be kicked in.  Replacement French doors like the Ultra® Series from Milgard® are built to operate smoothly and efficiently so no more wrestling with that heavy old slider.

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