Vinyl Patio Doors

Trinsic™ Series Patio Doors

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Milgard’s Trinsic™ series vinyl patio doors feature a modern style and an expansive viewable glass area perfect for capturing outdoor vistas.  The crisp even sightlines offer a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing look throughout your home.  A narrow frame profile provides a sleek, clean look, allowing your view to take center stage.

  • A modern, vinyl sliding patio door with a frame profile so narrow, you’ll hardly know it’s there.  The Trinsic Series offers:
  • Even sightlines for an aesthetically pleasing look throughout your home
  • A unique vinyl formula crafted for years of excellent performance
  • The Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind
  • A narrow frame profile providing the maximum available viewable glass area to highlight your view
  • A sliding door custom made to your specifications with a 4-5/8” jamb depth
  • A sleek squared-off door handle with 90-degree angles for a modern flair
  • High-quality rollers that allow for effortless operation and adjustment
  • Nine exterior colors to make a statement (including black interior and exterior color match frames for the latest design trend)
Outdoor view of Milgard Trinsic Series windows on home

Trinsic™ series patio doors are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-panel configurations.  Optional upgrades include:  PureView® screens for enhanced visibility, decorative grids, and glass, an upgrade on Glass Breakage Coverage, and a narrower door handle the blends seamlessly into the frame for a crisp modern look.

If you’ve been looking for vinyl patio doors with contemporary flair, the Trinsic™ series available from Milgard® and Dick’s Rancho Glass is a superb choice.  Trinsic™ series offers maximum available glass area so you can enjoy amazing views.  These patio doors are crafted with Millard’s signature vinyl formula for durability, plus, the low profile hardware, uniquely designed for this series, practically disappears.  With its sleek and contemporary style, Milgard Trinsic Series Vinyl Windows and Doors can satisfy your desire to embrace modern home design.

Tuscany Patio Doors

Add a touch of elegance with Tuscany® Series vinyl patio doors from Milgard®.  These premium patio doors are high performing, and provide the perfect balance of durability, beauty, and security.  Tuscany vinyl doors are great for remodeling projects or replacement patio door needs.

  • Tuscany Series Vinyl Patio Doors Offers:
  • Traditional style with even sightlines
  • Top of the line, premium features
  • Innovative SmartTouch® lock
  • Full Lifetime Warranty including Glass Breakage
Tuscany Vinyl Sliding Glass Door patio door

Choose from sliding doors available with standard frames or an elegant French Rail operating style. Swinging French doors are also available in select markets. With superior energy performance and premium hardware options, you’ll enjoy Tuscany Series patio doors for years to come.

Sliding Doors

Tuscany Series sliding patio doors can help you create a beautiful entrance to outdoor living.  The durable vinyl frames will not absorb moisture and do not need painting. High quality rollers allow for effortless operation and adjustment of door panels. These doors are also available with a Blinds between the Glass option to control light and privacy.

Sliding French Doors

French style sliding glass doors deliver a classic, timeless look to your home.  The lower rail is taller than the top and sides, giving the patio door an elegant feel.  Tuscany Series French doors are also available in swing operating styles.

French In-Swing Doors

Tuscany Series vinyl in-swing patio doors feature stainless steel, multi-point locking hardware for security and high performance. This door style swings toward the interior of your home.

French Out-Swing Doors

Milgard® Tuscany Series out-swing patio doors offer security and performance with multi-point locking hardware constructed of stainless steel.   This door style opens outward, which is great for houses with spacious patios.

Exterior Vinyl Frame Colors

Tuscany Series vinyl patio doors are available from Milgard in nine exterior frame colors.  From bronze to bold, rich expresso, find inspiration in all of the possibilities.  For durable color, Milgard developed a coating technology allowing UV rays to pass through the paint and reflect off the frame, preserving the exterior color finish.

Energy Efficiency & Performance

Milgard produces their own vinyl formula consisting of top quality ingredients to create the Tuscany Series.  This high performance vinyl door is designed to withstand harsh climates.  Tuscany Series patio doors can meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards when you select one of our energy packages.

SmartTouch® Door Handle

Milgard’s patented SmartTouch® door handle is so easy to operate, it received the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. The lock and handle also increases security with a tough locking mechanism that exceeds all California forced-entry requirements. The SmartTouch door handle is available exclusively on our Tuscany® Series vinyl sliding patio doors.

The lock mechanism is hidden, allowing you to focus on the sleek, ergonomic handle design. Simple one-touch motion unlocks, opens and closes the door, making it accessible and easy to use for all ages and physical abilities.

 SecurityMAX™ Package and SmartTouch Bolt

Milgard introduces our most advanced security and locking system — the SecurityMAX package exclusively for Tuscany® Series sliding patio doors.

The SecurityMAX package includes the multi-point locking system paired with the new, innovative SmartTouch® Bolt, a fully integrated, easy-to-use steel bolt that secures your sliding patio door firmly into the top frame with the flip of a lever.

As an added benefit, SmartTouch Bolt can let the fresh air in while keeping the door secure in a vented position.

The multi-point lock is activated with a single motion of the SmartTouch door handle, engaging four locking points and securing the door in the top frame, bottom track and at the handle.

Together, SmartTouch Bolt and the multi-point locking system provide five points of security on your patio door.*

Whether you are home or away, the SecurityMAX package will help keep your family safer.

* Locks are designed to improve security but are not guaranteed to keep intruders out under all circumstances.

Milgard®Tuscany™Series is the top of the line vinyl patio door that can make a stylish impact on your home.  Each patio door is custom made to your exact measurements from our signature vinyl formula and crafted with award-winning hardware.  Whether you’re looking for sophisticated French Doors or Sliding Doors, there is a Tuscany™Series option for you.

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