Find the Best Sliding Glass Doors for your Home

Replacing old sliding patio doors with new sliding glass doors is a popular home renovation project and for good reason.  Modern patio doors can go a long way towards giving your home a fresh new look while providing increased efficiency and functionality.  If you’re considering this popular and effective update for your home, and are interested in finding the best sliding glass doors for your patio, here are some things to think about.

Milgard Sliding Glass Doors
Milgard® Ultra™Series Sliding Glass Doors

Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors

Many homes come with sliding doors.  They offer convenient access while creating an unobstructed view of the outside.  Sliding glass doors are a good solution in spaces that simply cannot accommodate a full swinging door such as a sunroom or balcony.  Glass doors allow the sun to shine in and provide beautiful natural light to a space.  High-quality sliding glass doors, like those from Milgard, are energy efficient, stylish, hassle-free, and can operate smoothly for many years.  Choose from a variety of styles, materials, and options to find the best sliding glass doors for your home.

The Best Sliding Glass Door Styles

There is a wide range of sliding glass door operating styles and configurations to choose from.  French style sliding glass doors, multi-panel sliding doors, or traditional sliding glass doors are available in various materials such as vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.  They are popular for many homeowners and a great choice for any contemporary setting.  Standard sliding glass doors come in a multitude of finishes and with a variety of hardware options.

Standard Sliding Glass Doors

Standard sliding patio doors open by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and sill. They can be designed for either a right-hand or left-hand operation. Replacing an old and worn-out sliding glass door is an affordable option and can give your space a bright and fresh new look.  Milgard® sliding patio doors are crafted for smooth operation and beautiful design and are available in standard or multi-panel configurations.

Trinsic multi-panel sliding glass doors from Milgard
Trinsic™ Series Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Patio Doors

For an expansive door opening, sliding glass doors featuring multiple panels are available.   Trinsic™ Series vinyl sliding glass doors from Milgard® have a modern style and an expansive viewable glass area perfect for capturing outdoor vistas. The even sightlines offer a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing look throughout your home. A narrow frame profile provides a sleek, clean look, allowing your view to take center stage.  Trinsic sliding glass doors are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-panel configurations to suit your architectural needs.

French Sliding Glass Doors

French sliding glass doors combine space-saving convenience with the elegance of a French patio door. A French-Style sliding door has the appearance of traditional swing French doors, with wider stiles and rails, while functioning as a sliding glass door.  If you’re looking for a design option that adds a sense of luxury to your home, sliding French doors could be the best sliding glass door option for you. 

Available in four frame colors to match your home beautifully, Milgard® Ultra™Series Fiberglass French-Style Patio Doors can be customized to ensure that the glass door perfectly matches your room space.  Ultra Series hardware is easy to operate, durable, and attractive, with hardware available in a variety of finishes to make it easy to match the style of your home.  These French sliding glass doors allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the outdoors while admiring the elegance of the door itself.

The Best Sliding Glass Door Materials

Patio doors have come a long way in material performance and energy efficiency.  At Dick’s Rancho Glass, we offer an extensive selection of beautiful Milgard® sliding patio doors featuring vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum frames. Whether its durability, strength, or energy efficiency, Milgard® has high-performing material options to suit any home with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Traditional vinyl sliding glass doors have many advantages, including being virtually maintenance-free.  It is non-corroding, exceptionally energy-efficient, and extremely durable.  Vinyl sliding glass doors are a good-looking and affordable option.

Ultra Fiberglass sliding patio doors
Milgard® Ultra™Series Fiberglass French Sliding Doors

Fiberglass Sliding Glass Doors

Fiberglass sliding glass doors are stunning, providing a beautiful focal point in your home. Milgard® Ultra™Series Fiberglass Patio Doors exclusively offers a dark interior frame that matches the exterior so you can create the popular dark window look. The fiberglass material resists swelling, rotting, and warping making it the perfect choice for long-lasting durability coupled with exceptional beauty.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

For modern design flexibility and energy efficiency, it’s hard to beat Milgard® Thermally Improved Aluminum Patio Doors.  These sliding glass doors are designed with clean, narrow sightlines that only the strength and stability of aluminum can provide.  Aluminum sliding glass doors offer durability and long-lasting value while providing an almost seamless view outside. 

Whether you opt for Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Vinyl – Sliding French-style, traditional, or multi-panel sliding patio doors, choosing the best sliding glass door can make all the difference in how your home looks and functions.  At Dick’s Rancho Glass we have many years of experience in sliding glass door replacement, and we are happy to serve homeowners throughout the Sacramento Area.  To keep your home beautiful and energy-efficient, we are proud to offer a large selection of new sliding glass patio doors, including high-quality Milgard® patio doors.  To begin exploring your replacement sliding glass door options, check out our patio door page, give us a call, click Rancho Glass to contact us, or visit one of our two glass showrooms in the Sacramento region:

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