Window Replacement Mistakes to Avoid

Milgard Tuscany Series Windows | vinyl replacement window sacramentoSooner or later many homeowners have to deal with a window replacement project, so it’s best to be prepared.  It’s important to get your window replacement done right the first time as mistakes made can be costly in the future.   Even the highest rated premium quality windows cannot showcase their full performance if they’re not properly placed and installed.  To help you through the process, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid when planning your window replacement project.

Installing Replacement Windows YourselfThere are many home improvement projects a handy homeowner can tackle, window replacement should not be one of them.  DIY window installation is a bad idea.  Windows require precision installation if you want them to be weathertight, operational, and long lasting.  Mistakes during installation project can end up decreasing your home’s energy efficiency, and leave your home vulnerable to damaging leaks.  It’s best to leave your window replacement to experienced professionals.

Focusing on Upfront Price Alone –  Though the initial cost of a window replacement project is important, it’s a mistake to settle for cheap materials or inexperienced installation.  Low quality or poorly installed windows will only end up costing a homeowner more over time.  Consider the energy savings provided by the windows, the cost of maintaining them over the span of service, and more.  Choosing high quality, expertly installed windows can save money because they work better, last longer, and require less maintenance.

Forgetting to Consider Intangible Effects – You can add up replacement costs and energy savings, but some factors don’t come with an assigned price tag.  For example, the effect that new windows will have on your homes overall aesthetic and comfort level.  New replacement windows can improve your homes look and curb-appeal.  From a nice breeze to adding natural light, they can also greatly contribute to the comfort level of your home.  Placing the wrong window type in a room can lead to issues later on.  Be sure to place operable windows in areas that require ventilation, and larger glass windows in areas that could use more natural light or that overlook a great view.

Ignoring the Cost of Maintenance – Different window materials have different maintenance requirements.  Materials like wood require significantly more care, cleaning, and repainting than a material like vinyl, which is designed to be low maintenance.  Consider your lifestyle and ask yourself how much time you have to dedicate to keeping your windows in good shape, then weigh the pros and cons of each material choice factoring in the level of commitment each one requires after installation.

It’s likely you have limited knowledge of replacement windows.  Let the professionals help!  At Dick’s Rancho Glass we have decades of experience, and because window replacement is a significant investment, we hope you’ll ask as many questions as you like.  We want homeowners to feel comfortable and not intimidated by foreign terminology, so we’ll educate you and answer your questions as best we can.  We want your window replacement project experience to be as stress-free as possible.

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