Window Condensation – Are My Windows Bad?

If your windows are foggy or steam covered you may be wondering if condensation on windows is bad. The answer to this question depends on where the moisture appears on your window. A little steam on your windows that appears while you’re cooking your Thanksgiving Day turkey, or boiling water for tea isn’t usually something to be concerned about, but other types of window condensation can indicate a problem with your home’s windows.

steam from cooking - window condensation

What Causes Window Condensation?

As the days get colder, you may notice “sweat” or condensation on your windows. Condensation occurs when an object (like your glass window) is colder than the air around it. When they come into contact with a cold surface, water molecules in the air collect as droplets forming a thin layer of sweat or fog. 

Due to direct contact with the outside cold air, glass window panes are often the coldest object in your home and are therefore a common place for condensation to build up. Window condensation will often occur in the fall and winter months when steam is released into your home by doing things like cooking, or taking a shower.

If condensation forms on your home’s windows are sure to pay attention to how often the condensation occurs, is it easy to explain where the moisture came from (like you just boiled a steaming pot of water), and where the condensation is located on your window.

When Should I Be Worried About Window Condensation?

steamy window - condensation

If your windows fog up on the inside of your home every so often, it isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. Occasional window condensation can be a sign that your home is well insulated and retaining heat as it should. Old windows that need to be replaced can be drafty and may allow moisture (and heat) to escape. So, as long as you can identify the source of the moisture in your home – shower, cooking, etc. – and the condensation is just located on the interior side of the glass pane then there’s probably no need to be concerned about a bit of steam on your windows.

You may need to be concerned if – you have frequent condensation on your windows, and you can’t explain where the moisture is coming from. This may indicate a moisture issue or ventilation problem in your home that needs to be addressed.

You definitely need to be concerned if – condensation appears between your window panes. Fog inside of your windows is a sure sign that it’s time to replace your window.

How Did Condensation Get Inside My Window?

Most home windows are made with multiple panes of glass to better insulate your home. The frame of a double-paned window holds the panes of glass in place leaving a space between them. This space is filled with an insulating gas like argon and then is sealed air-tight. Condensation that occurs between the panes of your double-paned window indicates the air-tight seal holding the insulating gas inside has failed allowing the gas to escape and water vapor to seep in. When the outdoor temperature drops, the water vapor between the glass panes condenses forming fog inside the window.

window condensation due to seal failure

What Do I Do if I Find Condensation Between My Window Panes?

It’s time to call in the pros. There are times that it’s possible to professionally repair a window with damaged seals, however, more often than not, fog between the panes of your window indicates a more serious problem that is best solved with a set of replacement windows.  

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