Why Use Glass Shelving?

Shelves are important to any home’s interior design as they provide display and essential storage space.   Glass shelving is versatile and works well with any aesthetic.  Shelves made of glass can give a space an elevated look while providing necessary storage space.  These shelves are easy to maintain, strong, and made of a plentiful material.  In addition to showcasing your favorite items, glass shelf displays promote careful handling.  Adding LED lighting to glass shelves can create a dramatic effect, and because of the reflective nature of glass, these shelves can help make a space look brighter and more expansive.  Designers and interior decorators love using glass shelves in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. 

Eight reasons why designers love using glass shelves:

Dick’s Rancho Glass can make or order custom size glass shelves.
Custom-sized Glass Shelves
  • Style Versatility – Modern, traditional, minimalist, or vintage, clear glass shelving pairs well with any style of home décor.  Because these shelves come in a variety of design options (shapes, tints, edge works) you’re sure to find something that meets your design needs.
  • Elevated Aesthetic – Glass is a classic, elegant, and timeless material that will instantly elevate your space.  Clear shelving vanishes into the background allowing your artwork, collectibles, or keepsakes to be the focal point of the display.
  • Low Maintenance – A glass shelf is easy to maintain and keep clean.  Because glass is a non-porous material, it doesn’t absorb dirt or spills the way other materials do.  So, shelves made from glass require no scrubbing or special cleaner and can be wiped down quickly and easily.  This is one of the reasons glass bathroom shelves are so popular!
  • Strong and Plentiful Material – Shelf glass is strong and scratch resistant.  As long as you choose an appropriate thickness, the strength of glass makes it an ideal material for shelves as it will not bow or flex under the weight of your display items. 
  • Sand is Abundant – In comparison to materials such as plastic, aluminum, or steel, making glass is relatively harmless to environment.  Glass is manufactured from sand, a plentiful material, and glass can be recycled.
  • Encourages Careful Handling – Clear glass shelving is ideal for showcasing delicate items, it looks classy and promotes safe handling.  Though glass is a strong and durable material, its fragile appearance encourages people to take care around it and handle items displayed on the shelf carefully, or not at all.
  • Make a Room Feel Bigger – While other shelves made of wood or metal absorb light and cast shadows.  Transparent glass shelves reflect light and help brighten up a space which makes it feel more expansive. Create Drama – Tempered glass shelves can be illuminated with LED lighting to create a dramatic effect.  Try a subtle light passing through the transparent shelves for a chic accent or dial up the light level to produce a dramatic focal point starring your artwork or keepsakes.

Incorporating glass shelves in your home’s interior design plan can brighten your space and enhance the beauty of your home.  Interior designers love glass shelving for its versatility, timeless elegance, and functionality.  If you’re considering adding glass shelves to your kitchen, bath, living room, or other space, we can help!  The glass design professionals at Dick’s Rancho Glass have years of experience helping homeowners in Rancho Cordova and Fair Oaks find the right glass shelving for their homes.  Contact our one of our Sacramento area glass shops today!

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