What to do When a Window Breaks in Your Home

From small cracks caused by hail to smashed glass from a rock being hurled out from under a lawnmower, window breaks happen.  No matter what causes a break you’ll need to know what to do when a window in your home gets broken.  Being able to temporarily fix a small crack, safely secure a large crack, or deal with a shattered window, will give you time to consider your options before making a financial investment.  Here are some tips for dealing with a broken window:

Temporary Fixes for a Small Window Crack

Addressing a small window crack or chip may not seem important, but a small crack can suddenly grow into a big crack. Taking a little time to deal with the problem when it’s small can save you from having to deal with a bigger problem. For a small chip or crack in a home window, you can use epoxy, glue, or clear nail polish to fill the defect for a temporary hold.  You need to clean away any debris from the crack with a toothbrush.  Then brush the epoxy, glue, or nail polish over the small crack, and be sure to try to get the substance as deep into the break as possible. Scrap any excess epoxy, glue, or polish away with a blade.  After the first coat is dry apply another, then keep repeating the process until the defect is filled. 

Covering a Large Window Crack

While a window with a large crack will need to be replaced as soon as possible, knowing how to temporarily deal with the crack can allow you time to shop for a new replacement window without having to worry about further damage being caused. First, you’ll need asses the window to be sure that it is still strong and steady by checking to see if the glass is even.  If one side of the crack is higher than the other the window is not stable and you should proceed to the instructions on dealing with a smashed window.  If the window is still steady, carefully remove any debris from around the crack using a toothbrush and soapy water. Use a length of duct tape or packaging tape to gently cover the crack.  Be sure the tape extends well beyond the crack in the window.  This should temporarily prevent more damage by keeping the elements out.

Dealing with a Shattered Window

The easiest way to deal with a shattered window is to call a professional. A shattered window is a safety hazard and should be dealt with and replaced quickly.  When dealing with a shattered window it’s important to be aware of any loose shards of glass that can be very sharp and dangerous.  If you choose to tackle the clean-up your self be extra careful. To safely and effectively remove the glass you’ll need to wear a sturdy pair of gloves, thick-soled shoes, a broom, a vacuum, and a hammer.  Sweep up the loose glass from around the window.  Then while wearing gloves, use the hammer to remove any glass that remains in the frame by knocking it away from you.  Use the broom to brush glass from the window sill and sweep up the loose glass around on both the interior and exterior sides of the broken window. Use a vacuum to remove any tiny pieces of glass that you may have missed.  Once you have removed the broken glass from the smashed window you’ll need to cover it to keep insects, weather, and animals out of the house.  Use heavy-duty plastic and duct tape to cover both sides of the window.  This prevents any further damage until you find a suitable replacement window.

Broken Tempered Glass

All modern glass doors (sliding, French, entry, showers) are required to have tempered “safety” glass. By design, when tempered glass breaks it shatters into hundreds of little pieces which is supposed to help protect a building’s occupants from the hazard of large shards of fragmented glass debris. Sometimes, the glass will break but it will hold together in place. If this happens, we recommend that you lay out a bed sheet or tarp below the broken glass so in case it does call out of the frame the sheet will help protect your flooring from damage and also collect the majority of the broken pieces to help make clean up easier. We recommend not using the door and keeping small children and pets away from the door until the broken glass has been removed or replaced.

When you begin looking at options for fixing your broken window problem, start by gathering information on your current window.  What brand is it?  Can you find the serial number? What type of window is it and what are its dimensions?

 How old are your windows?

Some window companies like Milgard® include coverage for accidental breakage in their warranty.  So you may be able to get it fixed for free. While how the window was broken may factor into whether it’s covered, it’s certainly worth looking into.

Want to get your window repaired?  Whether you have a cracked single pane window or a broken dual-paned window, a professional glass shop should be able to replace the glass efficiently and promptly.  Having information about the type of window (vinyl, fiberglass, wood, single hung, double hung) and its dimensions will help you effectively shop for either a window repair shop or a replacement window dealer. 

Milgard Tuscany Series Replacement Windows

If your windows are old, run-down, and damaged, perhaps it’s time to consider all new replacement windows. New replacement windows are an investment that can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal and raise your home’s value.  Modern windows provide a functional upgrade that can greatly improve energy efficiency and the comfort of your home.  Getting all of your windows replaced at the same time can give your home a fresh new look and is often more economical.

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