Sliding Glass Door Roller Adjustment

In this instructional video you’re shown how to adjust your sliding glass doors rollers to ensure smooth operation and maintain weather tightness.  You should have a basic understanding of simple hand tools to undertake this project.  Remember to wear eye protection and keep pets and small children out of the area when performing this process.

The tools required for this project include:

  • phillips screwdriver
  • putty knife
  • safety glasses
  • gloves

The first thing we want to do is check our wheels.  There are two adjustments on the door panel covered by plug covers.  Using a stiff putty knife, remove these plug covers.  The screw ports allow access to phillips head screws that raise and adjust the door.  When you need to raise the door, place the putty knife under the door and push the door upwards, this takes pressure off the wheel.  To raise the door, turn the screw clockwise, to lower the door counter-clockwise.  Whenever you adjust one side, you must adjust the other side accordingly.  To tell if there is an even reveal, slide the door towards the door jam and line it up to make sure the gap is even from top to bottom.  Insert the plugs once you have adjusted the door and it is sliding properly.