Signs That Your House May Need New Windows

Windows are an import part of your homes operating system.  Windows, doors, insulation, along with heating and cooling units, all need to function together properly to keep your home comfortable, safe, and efficient.  With home improvement projects being potentially time consuming and costly, it’s easy to try to put off something like window replacement until the last minute.  So how do you know when it’s time to start planning to replace those old worn out windows?

Broken windows with annealed glass Single paned window with cracked glass.

Cracked window glass.

Cracks in your window glass pane will allow spots for air to leak in and out of your window.  A large enough crack can also permit water to enter possibly creating damage to wood surfaces.  Cracked windows are unsightly and ruin your homes curb appeal lowering its value.

Minimal Soundproofing or Just Plain Loud.

If your hear a lot of noise from outside when your inside your windows may not be providing the right amount of sound protection for your home.  New double pane or triple pane windows insulated with krypton or argon gas can lower outdoor noise, which is really helpful if you live on a busy street or in a bustling neighborhood.

Window Frames are Worn Out.

One of the clearest signs that it’s time to replace your windows are decaying window frames.  If your window frames are visibly chipped, or they feel soft to the touch, it’s likely that they may already be worn out beyond repair.  It’s important to check for any loss of window glazing or window seal failure and condensation issues.  Soft window frames indicate infiltration of water, this can eventually lead to warping or sagging windows.

Costly Drafts.

A drafty window can drastically effect the overall temperature of your home which in turn causes your heating or cooling system to work over-time to keep up with the temperature fluctuation.  Inefficient or old windows can have a costly impact on the insulation of your home.  On a cold day, you can check this by standing next to the window and seeing if it feels cooler than the rest of the room.  If the glass is cold to the touch then it’s highly likely you’re wasting energy and money.

Windows are Difficult (or impossible) to Operate

If a window doesn’t properly open or close, it’s not just inconvenient it’s also a potential safety hazard.  Vital emergency escape routes, home protection, as well as comfort come into play when windows don’t function properly.  There are many possible reasons for a window to become inoperable.  Common reasons are that it has been painted shut, the frame has warped due to heat or water damage, or even due to home foundation settling.  New window replacement will solve any of these problems with your windows.

Foggy Windows

If you see frosting or condensation between the layers of glass, it means that your window seals have failed allowing moisture between glass panes. Once seals have failed, any gas that was used to make the window energy efficient has escaped leaving your with less insulation.  Seal failure can also lead to potential water damage from condensation and leaking.  Additionally foggy windows can detract from you’re your homes overall curb appeal.

If your windows are run-down and damaged, they’ll not only be a security issue and an energy issue, but the overall comfort of your home becomes a problem.   New replacement windows are an investment that can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal and raise your home’s value.  Windows are a functional upgrade that can greatly improve not only the look of your home, but also the comfort.  They Tuscany Series windows in home - Milgard window dealer sacramentocan increase the amount of natural light in your home, improve soundproofing, and increase energy efficiency, so no more drafts.  Whether you are simply trying to improve your homes appearance or save money on your energy bills, window renovation is a great project that’s sure to pay for itself overtime.

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