Replacing the Lock Snib on a Milgard Sliding Glass Door


In this instructional video from Milgard you’ll be shown how to replace the lock snib on your sliding glass door which is the mechanism used to engage the lock.  You should have a basic understanding of simple hand tools to undertake this project.  Remember to wear eye protection and keep pets and small children out of the area when performing this process.

The tools required for this project are:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves

If the lock snib is damaged or broken, it should be replaced.  Locate the two screws on the sliding door handle.  Using a phillips screwdriver turn the screws counter clockwise to take them out.  Make sure you hold the door handle as you remove the screws so that it doesn’t fall.  Once you have removed the screws the handle slides out.  You now have access to the snib, which also slides out.  The two groves at the end of the lock snib slide into the sliding door and catch in order for it to operate up and down.  To put the sliding door handle back on, take the handle and slide into the two holes.  Make sure the door handle is flushed against the mounting plate.  Once your screws are set, hold the handle flush.  Starting with the top turn the screw in clockwise until it is flush with the top of the whole, then screw in the bottom until flush.  Check the door lock operation to ensure that the snib installed correctly.  Shut the sliding door and ensure the lock engages.