Questions to Ask About Repairing or Replacing Window Screens

It’s easy to forget about your window screens since if they are in proper working order they are nearly invisible.  We think about maintaining our windows but forget our screens need attention too.  Here are some things to consider when your screens aren’t at their best.

What’s wrong with My Screen?

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The first step is to determine what the problem is with the screen.  Do you need to replace the whole screen?  Is the frame intact or broken? Would it be easier to replace the whole screen or repair a part of it?  Is the screen missing?  Answering these questions will put you on your way to fixing your screen problem.

Can I Fix a Tiny Hole?

Yes you can!  With patience and some fishing line it’s sometimes possible to repair a little hole or tear in your screen to keep the bugs out.  For a tiny hole, loop the fishing line thru the mesh on both sides near the tear.  Pull the line together and tie.  If the hole is too large for that, you can “sew in” a piece of replacement mesh as a temporary patch.

What Kind of Screen Do I Want?

If replacing a window screen is the plan, what kind are best for you?  You can choose fiberglass screening, which is what most new windows come with.  It’s made of vinyl coated fiberglass yarns.  It’s strong, long lasting and is not easily damaged.  We carry fiberglass in charcoal (black) and grey.  Another alternative is wire screening, which offers the same protection from bugs as fiberglass and is made of aluminum wire.  Frame colors available are: white, bronze (dark brown), silver, and almond. At Dick’s Rancho Glass we use high quality materials to make our screens so you get long lasting use out of them.

Are My Screens a Consistent Size?

Many custom and older homes have windows that vary in size.  This will require you to purchase custom sized replacement window screens.  This is no problem at Dick’s Rancho Glass.  We can make screens virtually any size that you may need and in a timely fashion, usually in 1-3 days.  The best way to order screens is to bring in an old screen to have us duplicate it.  There are many variables to ordering screens and if we have a sample, all the questions are answered.

How Do I Measure for Window Screen Replacement?

Even if it’s broken, if you have the old screen or just the frame it’s simple to measure.  Make sure the frame is lying flat and measure the outer width and length as well as the thickness dimensions of the frame.  Make sure to note the type and placement of the window screen hardware.

In order to find a screen size on a window that doesn’t have a screen, provided you do have another window in the house of the same type that has an existing screen.

Find a window that has a screen.  Measure the opening (where you measure isn’t important, just be consistent between windows).  Measure the existing screen.  Figure the relationship between window opening and screen size; a. Ex) If the opening is 36” wide X 45” tall and the existing screen is 35‐7/8” wide X 45‐ 1/4” tall, the screen size is 1/8” narrower than measured window opening and ¼” taller than measured window opening.  Measure the window without the screen (same spots as in #2).  Make the same deductions or additions to arrive at the missing screen size.  (More screen measuring details)

If you don’t have a screen to measure it gets tricky, but here are some tips:

Measure the lip of your window.  The lip is what holds your window screen in the window.  Measure behind the lip vertically up to the window channel then add 1/8 inch.  Then measure the screen channel horizontally – from this subtract a 1/8 of an inch.  This technique will work for most common windows, however there are some types of screens that require different means of measuring.   Of course, at Dick’s Rancho Glass we offer on-site service for all your screen needs too, you can call us and let us worry about all the details for you!!

Is it Time for an Upgrade?

dog in broken screen door | sacramento widow screens and patio doorsIf one window screen needs replacing, it might be a good time to check on your other window and door screens.  Weather, pet claws, tree branches, and other elements can add to the wear and tear on your window and door screens.  Inspect screens for any tears and holes.  If there’s a significant hole or tear that you can’t quickly repair you may consider replacement of the entire screen.  If the screens mesh is starting to look especially shiny, it may mean that it’s getting old and near time for replacement.

Maybe you’re interested in an upgrade to your home.  New screens can improve your homes appearance as well as elevate your comfort level.  You may wish to consider replacing your old screens with new solar sun screens.  One of the largest sources of heat gain is through your windows and Solar Sun Screens can block up to 90% of the sun’s rays, saving you money on cooling bills in the valley summer heat!  At Dick’s Rancho Glass our Solar Sun Screens are custom made and fitted to your windows to complement the look of your home.  We carry high quality 80% and 90% SunTex sunscreen from Phifer.   In addition to its ability to block heat, this heavy duty fabric made of strong vinyl-coated polyester and is resistant to pet damage, as well as mildew and fade resistant.

Keeping your window screens in good shape and knowing when it’s time for a window screens replacement will help improve the look and feel of you home.  Also if you decide to invest in energy efficient screens, you can elevate the look of your home and reduce your home’s energy consumption saving you money on your utility bill.

Whether it’s one window or many, let the friendly folks at Dick’s Rancho Glass help you with your Sacramento window screen needs stop by, give us a call or contact us about your screen needs here.

To explore more details about window screens, door screen, or sun screens – check out our screens page.  Dick’s Rancho Glass can make screens virtually any size, usually in about 1-3 days.  The best way to order screens is to bring in an old screen to have us duplicate it. Just stop by one of our two showrooms in the Sacramento Region:

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