Pattern Glass or Clear Glass for your Shower Door?

Are you thinking about updating your home?  Remodeling or upgrading your bathroom can add a lot of value, style, and comfort to your home.  When you decide it’s time to update that old bathroom you’ll find there are many choices to make. If you’re not working with an unlimited budget, sorting through renovation options can seem tricky. You’ll want to choose upgrades that give you the best bang for your buck like upgrading to a glass shower door.

Getting rid of that old shower curtain or door and adding a new glass shower door can refresh the look of your bathroom.  Glass shower doors have an elegant appearance and can add to the modern look of your bath.  From an aesthetic standpoint, one of the best things about glass shower doors is that they can create the illusion of a larger space.  Traditional shower curtains can cut off sightlines, whereas glass shower doors allow your eye to see back into the shower space, creating a sense that the room is larger.  After deciding to update your shower with a new glass door, you need to decide what type of glass will fit best with your bathroom. 

Shower doors come in both clear and pattern glass varieties.  Here are a few pros and cons of both types of glass shower doors:

Clear Glass Shower Door Tub Enclosure Skyline05

Clear Glass Shower Doors

PRO:  Shower doors in clear glass are very popular right now.  Trendy, but timelessly elegant, if you’re looking to add value to your home by creating a fresh and contemporary feel to your bathroom, clear glass doors are a good way to go.

CON:  Clear glass can add to your cleaning duties.  With clear glass, water spots may be easier to see.  However, if you use a squeegee to clean your glass after every shower you can ensure your glass door looks new for years.

PRO: A clear glass shower door lets light flow through your shower.  This can give your bathroom a much brighter feel, especially if you have windows.  In a small bathroom, adequate lighting alone with lighter colored walls and a clear glass shower door can help make the space feel more expansive.

CON: Clear glass shower doors do not offer privacy.  If you have a multi-user bathroom where more than one person needs to get ready at the same time, clear glass may not function for you as it does not provide the privacy that pattern glass will.

PRO: One of the main reasons homeowners choose clear glass shower doors is to give their bathroom a more expansive and elegant look.  With clear glass, your whole bathroom will feel bigger no matter how small the space.

Pattern Glass Shower Doors

Pattern Glass Shower Door andenclosure

PRO: Unlike clear glass doors, a shower door with pattern glass will preserve your privacy and functionality if you have a multi-user bathroom.  This is a helpful choice especially in a smaller home with multiple children and only one bathroom.

CON:  Textured glass can close off sightlines and can end up making your bathroom look smaller than it is.  If you have a small bathroom that does have the privacy requirements of a multi-user bath, clear doors may be a better way to go.

PRO: One of the best things about pattern glass shower doors is how many glass design options there are to choose from.  Pattern glass design options like reed, baroque, rain glass, and more are available.

CON:  Pattern glass doors do not create the same level of brightness that a clear shower door does. Since textures glass closes off sightlines, the amount of light that filters through the room is limited. This can end up making your bathroom space appear darker and less open.

PRO: Less cleaning is needed when you have a pattern glass shower door.  Not only will the textured glass hide many water spots, but it will also hide an untidy shower.  This is a great feature for those who lead very busy lives and don’t have time to clean the shower often.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your bathroom a new glass shower door is a great way to create a modern look.  Both new clear glass shower doors and those made with pattern glass can provide you with an eye-catching and fresh new element in your bathroom. 

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