Benefits of a No-threshold Shower

No-Threshold Showers with frameless glass shower enclosure - curbless - flush with floor

What is a no-threshold shower?  Also known as a curbless shower, barrier-free shower, walk-in shower, or zero threshold shower,  it’s a shower that has no curb or surrounding edge to it, making it flush with the bathroom floor.  If you’re wondering where all the water goes if there’s no curb to hold it in, and if you’re going to flood your bathroom with every use?  No, you won’t, professionally installed no-threshold showers are designed with a drain system that carries the water safely away.  Instead of a threshold, these types of showers are typically designed with a floor that is pitched towards a center drain, or a trench drain which is a long and skinny floor drain placed where a door threshold would usually be, so no bathroom flooding occurs.

Frameless glass no-threshold showers are an increasingly popular bathroom remodeling design due to their abundant benefits.  Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a glass walk-in shower:

1 Shower Accessibility – Arguably the top benefit of no-threshold showers is that anyone can access it easily.  Whether for small children, or for an elderly adult, or a person who requires a wheelchair, the barrier-free design of a no-threshold shower is functional for all. 

2. Shower Cleaning – No-threshold glass showers are easy to clean.  Traditional showers can have a lot of corners and crevices that make them difficult to clean, and framed showers can have hardware to clean around.  With a walk-in frameless glass shower enclosure, you can simply squeegee the shower glass to clear it of spots, and because there is no barrier to maneuver around, tile cleaning can be done more easily.

Frameless Glass Walk-In Shower - zero-entry - No-Threshold Showers

3. Shower Design Flexibility – Since no-threshold frameless glass showers aren’t constrained by the footprint of a bathtub, they can be installed in almost any space.  From a small corner unit to an expansive wall unit, no-threshold showers allow for more bathroom design flexibility than traditional tub and shower units.  You can also add luxury design features like benches, pattern glass, or heated floors.

4. Make the Bathroom Feel Larger – A glass shower with no barrier can make both the whole bathroom and specifically the shower feel much more expansive and grand.  Shower curbs are usually a few inches high and act as a visual break, without that break the eye continues to move without interruption creating a sense of a bigger and more open space.

5. Walk-in Showers Look Good – If you’re looking for a shower design that will help your whole bathroom feel updated, a no-threshold shower is something to consider.  A walk-in shower with a frameless glass enclosure allows you to see the shower interior perfectly, and the tilework can become the focal point of your entire bathroom.

A No-threshold glass shower offers a combination of an accessible open-concept design with a visually stunning look.  If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and want to create a fresh look by choosing a glass shower enclosure for your new walk-in shower, we can help.

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