Let the Light Shine in with a Frameless Glass Shower Door

A frameless glass shower door is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to freshen up the look of your bathroom. Whether your bathroom features a skylight, window, or just artificial light, a frameless glass shower door can improve the look of your bath by allowing the light to shine in.

Here are four reasons why we love the plentiful light that comes with using frameless glass shower doors in your bathroom.

attractive glass shower doors

Ample natural light gives a bathroom a brighter feeling. 

A poorly lit bathroom can make it hard to wake up in the morning as dim lights are not an eye-opener. 

Your bathroom is one of those places where lighting plays an important role in performing your daily routine, but often the light available in a bathroom can be limited by a lack of windows or minimal light fixture positions.  

 If the shower is dark, finding soap, shampoo, or a razor can be difficult. A frameless glass shower door allows natural and artificial light to flow into the space unimpeded improving visibility and giving you a cheery bright and open bathroom feel.

More light opens up your space and makes it feel larger.  

Frameless glass shower doors can be completely transparent with limited hardware and no bulky frame to create a visual break, without that break the eye continues to move without interruption creating a sense of a larger and more open space.  

In some modern homes where, compact design is the trend, the shower can take up the majority of the available space. Using a solid or opaque shower curtain or door can lead to the space feeling very tight and tiny, using a clear glass shower door is a great way to give the space a more expansive, light, and airy feel.

frameless glass shower door in bright bathroom

When your bathroom is brighter, it is easier to keep it clean.

If you can’t see it, you might not know it’s dirty. When you have plenty of light flowing into your shower you can see all the spots where mold and mildew could potentially build up like on tile or grab bars.

Unlike a framed shower door, a frameless glass shower door has very little gasketing and limited hardware, so there are fewer cervices to clean. Plus, cleaning a glass shower door is a breeze, simply wipe down the glass, and no scrubbing is needed. 

Abundant light shows off your bathroom design. 

You bought the cool tile now show it off! When you invest in a new bathroom remodel, you want your design features to take center stage. Glass doors can allow you to show off certain parts of artistic design in your bathroom, from fine tile work to creative structural design.  

Because frameless glass shower doors leave the view into your shower unobstructed and allow for more light to flow into the space all your awesome style features can be appreciated.

frameless glass shower design

The light available in many home bathrooms is not that great. Some bathrooms don’t have windows, while others only have one light fixture in the middle of the ceiling or above the vanity. Maximize the benefit of your new bathroom remodel and let the light shine in with frameless glass shower doors!  

A frameless glass shower door allows more light to flow through the room creating a brighter feeling. Because the view, and the light, are unobstructed the room feels larger. Glass shower doors are easy to clean and because there is plenty of light you can see any design features you invested in.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel and want to create a fresh look by choosing a frameless glass shower door, we can help. At Dick’s Rancho Glass, we have many years of glass design and installation experience and are happy to serve homeowners throughout the Sacramento Area. Our superior glass design team can work with you to select the right new frameless glass shower doors that suit your style, budget, and daily needs.

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