How to Replace your Milgard SmartTouch Lock

These instructions will guide you through how to replace the Smart Touch lock on your Milgard window.

You’ll need a #2 phillips head screwdriver and a new Smart Touch lock.  The SmartTouch lock is located on the operable portion of the window.  Begin by opening the window all the way.  Remove the window sash by lifting the sash up and tipping the bottom out.  Locate the mortise screws on exterior side of sash.  Using a #2 phillips head screwdriver, remove both screws while holding the lock handle in place.  Remove the lock handle by pulling the handle down towards the inside of the sash.  Remove the mortise lock body.  Make sure the mortise latch is extended by depressing the release button on the side.  Insert mortise lock body back into the vinyl sash depress the mortise latch back.  Now install the new SmartTouch lock into the vinyl sash and mortise lock body.  Use a number 2 phillips head screwdriver to re-insert the screws.  Replace sash into the window frame by inserting it top first.

Safety Precautions:  Activities in this video are appropriate for individuals with an understanding of how to use simple hand tool. Remember to wear eye protection and make sure that pets and small children are not present when performing these activities.  Questions? Call 1-800-Milgard or visit