How to Replace a Take-Out Clip on a Vinyl Single-Hung Window

Window take out clips hold the balancer in place.  Follow these instructions to replace the take-out clips on your Milgard vinyl single hung window.

Safety precautions:  Activities in this video are appropriate for individuals with an understanding of how to use simple hand tools.  Remember to wear eye protection and to make sure that pets and small children are not present when performing these activities.

You’ll need new take-out clips and a flat head screwdriver or a putty knife to complete the task.  The take-out clips are located of the sides of the window sash.  Use a flat-head screwdriver or a putty knife, slide the blade underneath the clip to remove.  If the clip is missing, look for the two rectangular on either side of the jam.  To install the new take-out clip, insert the round portion of the new clip into the bottom pre-punched hole.  Compress the top portion into the top hole until it snaps into the frame.