How to Re-Install Loose Glazing Bead

The glazing bead helps the window block out drafts.  These instructions will walk you through how to re-install the loose glazing bead on Milgard windows.

Safety Precautions:  Activities in this video are appropriate for individuals with an understanding of how to use simple hand tool. Remember to wear eye protection and make sure that pets and small children are not present when performing these activities.  Questions? Call 1-800-Milgard or visit

Start in the corner where the bead has released from the bead channel.  Place the 45 degree end back into the channel.  Begin tapping the bead in back into the bead groove at the corner.  It doesn’t require a great deal of striking pressure.  Be careful not to strike the glass.  You may use different household items, being careful to not strike the glass.