How to Install Patio Door Rollers

Materials list:  Safety Glasses, Gloves, 2 four inch putty knives, phillips head screwdriver, replacement rollers, and two sturdy saw horses. For this project you’ll need assistance, and it will take two people about 20-30 minutes to finish.

Open sliding door about one-third to full open position.  Locate two small plastic hole covers on the interior side of the door.  Carefully remove hole covers and set aside.  While one person gently lifts the door, use the Philips head screwdriver to adjust the rollers.  Adjust the screw so that the rollers move up into the door panel.  The door should now sit lower in the track than before.  This should allow for the door and rollers to move over the door sill.  Lift sliding section of patio door up. Gently insert two putty knives directly under the plastic hole cover.  Slide door from bottom section off the door track.  Lift the door out and set on two saw horses.

Remove the old rollers by removing the roller attachment screws with a Philips head screwdriver and pull out the old rollers.  Insert the new rollers with previously removed screws.  Ensure that the middle screw on the side of the rollers is pointing toward the hole above.  The rollers should slide in easily.  If the rollers are crooked, then remove and re-insert.  Make sure that the rollers are tightened so that they are all the way into the housing.  It’s recommended to clean and lubricate the tracks now that the door has been removed.  Install the door panel into the sill by sliding the top of the door into the frame, then sliding the bottom in.  This will be a tight fit which will require both rollers to be as high into the housing as possible and may require two putty knives to help guide the door into the track.  Be sure the rollers are on the track, and the door operates smoothly.  Since the panel is full adjusted down at this point it may be necessary to adjust the panel up a little bit to get the panel to operate smoothly.  The goal is to adjust the panel evenly until it operates smoothly without dragging on the track.  To do this, lift one side of the door and adjust the roller screw using a Philips head screwdriver.  Then adjust the other side until both are even and the door rolls smoothly.  Operate the door back and forth several times to insure the rollers are seated properly and the door locks smoothly.  Re-install the screw hole covers by gently pushing or tapping into place.

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