How to Clean and Lubricate a Sliding Patio Door

For this project you’ll need safety glasses and gloves.  Non-abrasive household cleaner, vinyl protectant, cleaning rags, steel wool, and a wet dry vacuum.  Close the sliding glass door.  Vacuum the exposed track area.  Dirt, sand, bugs, and pet hair are the most common debris that lead to wear of the rollers and track.  After vacuuming this area thoroughly, open the door.  Repeat the vacuuming process on the other side of the track.  With the door open spray track with a non-abrasive household cleaner.  Wipe the track with a rag to remove any dirt and debris.  Close the door panel and repeat the cleaning of the other side of the track.  Inspect the round portion of the track where the roller actually comes in contact.  Any built up debris or rough spots can be smoothed with steel wool.  If severe wear and/or damage is present, consider replacing the track by contacting Milgard Support.  Lubricate track with a silicone lubricant to enhance the sliding smoothness.  Roll door back and forth multiple times to ensure smooth operation.