How to Check for Window Condensation

Materials List:

–          Safety Glasses

–          Gloves

–          Soft cloth

–          Glass cleaner


Condensation is a normal part of owning high quality energy efficient windows.  Condensation is basically when humid air turns to water droplets on a cold surface.  Windows are a natural place for these droplets to form since they are a barrier from inside and outside temperature differences.  There is natural condensation that all windows will get from time to time, and there is a condensation that is formed from a faulty glass unit.  To check which condensation you have, use a soft cloth and gently wipe the interior.  If water droplets don’t come off then use a cloth on the exterior and gently wipe.  Natural condensation should wipe off easily from either the interior or exterior.  If the condensation doesn’t wipe off then the condensation is most likely due to a glass unit failure.  If this is the case please contact the Milgard service department to discuss the faulty glass unit and for replacing.