Drafty Windows Can Cost You Money

In addition to making your house less than comfortable, drafty windows can cost you money.

A cold draft that seeps onto your home in the fall and winter can make an entire room uncomfortable. And while you may not feel heat blowing in through your windows in the summer, if you have drafty windows, the heat is likely coming in. Hot or cold drafts can make your furnace or air conditioner work overtime to keep up, increasing your utility bills.  Besides higher heating and cooling costs here are a few ways drafty windows can cost you money.

drafty old window

If drafty old windows make your house look ugly, it can cost you money.

If your windows are drafty because they are damaged, worn, or outdated, they probably don’t look good.  If you have watched any HGTV in the past ten years, you likely heard that curb appeal (the way your home looks on the outside or from the street curb) is important. When you’re ready to sell your house, curb appeal impacts a buyer’s first impression.

Your home is likely your largest investment, so when you sell you want to make as much profit as possible.  

Not only are drafty old windows unsightly, but they also represent a future expense to a potential home buyer that is not appealing and can impact the perceived value of your house. 

Upgrading your windows can elevate your home’s curb appeal by creating a fresh clean look and updating the style to give it a more modern appearance. New replacement windows can also eliminate the potential future cost, and improve your home’s energy efficiency, making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Gaps in your window frames can invite insects in.

Windows can be drafty because there are small gaps between the window frames. These gaps create an opening for insects to get into your home. While some tiny insects may not be a cause for concern, if ants find their way into in your house, they can quickly become a problem. Calling an exterminator can be costly but insects like ants can damage your home. An exterminator can eliminate the ants, but not the problem. If you don’t eliminate the entry point that insects use to get into your house, they will likely return. Instead of fighting an annual battle with these pests, just replace your drafty windows so they cannot come in.

Old windows can require repairs that cost you money.

Aging windows will require more maintenance to keep them functional. Single-pane windows can potentially be repaired by a homeowner or glass shop. 

Repairs may be a good option if you just dealing with one old window. But if you have been dealing with window problems for a long time, it may be time to replace the entire window.

Drafty windows indicate that there is a space that is letting in cold air from the outside. This opening also has the potential to let in water. Repairing damage done by leaky windows can be costly.  

Water that gets inside your house can create extensive damage to your window frame, walls, or floor. It can also create mold issues which can cause health issues for you and your family.

Signs Your Old Windows May Be Costing You Money.

In addition to feeling air flow through your windows, here are some signs that your windows might be costing you money:

  • Visible gaps in or around your window frame.
  • Peeling paint or damaged siding around your windows.
  • Windows with cracks.
  • Foggy windows.
  • Rattling windows.
  • Signs of pest activity around your windows, such as nests.
  • Odors from outside seeping into your home.

Even if you do not notice a draft, gaps in your window frames, too few glass panes, or outdated windows can cost you money.  

Replacing worn-out, drafty, inefficient windows, with modern energy-efficient windows can add to your comfort level and wallet. If you’re interested in choosing the best replacement windows call the home window replacement experts at Dick’s Rancho Glass.

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