Accessibility & Aesthetics of Curbless Showers

Clear Glass Shower Enclosure - curbless

What is a curbless shower?  Also known as a walk-in shower, barrier-free shower, or zero threshold shower,  it’s a shower that has no surrounding edge, or curb, to it and is flush with the bathroom floor.  Professionally installed curbless showers are designed with a drain system that carries the water safely away.  Instead of a curb, these types of showers are typically designed with a floor that is pitched towards a center drain, or a trench drain which is a long and skinny floor drain placed where a door threshold would usually be, so no bathroom flooding occurs.

Frameless glass walk-in showers are on-trend in bathroom design due to their abundant benefits. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a curbless glass shower:

1. Frameless Glass Walk-In Showers Look Good – If you’re looking for a shower design that will help your whole bathroom feel updated, a frameless glass curbless shower should be high on your list.  A curbless shower with a frameless glass enclosure allows you to see the shower interior perfectly, and the tilework can become the focal point of your entire bathroom.

2. Shower Accessibility – A perfect example of universal design, curbless showers are accessible for people of all ages and abilities.  The barrier-free design of a curbless shower does not require stepping in or out, making it much safer to navigate for small children or elderly adults, and can be made large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. 

3. Shower Cleaning – Easy Cleaning! Traditional showers can have a lot of corners and crevices that make them difficult to clean.  With a curbless frameless glass shower enclosure, you can simply squeegee the shower glass to clear it of spots. And because there is no barrier to maneuver around, tile cleaning can be done more easily.

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4. Flowing Design – Without the visual break of a shower curb, the design flow can continue without interruption. Whether you have a corner shower or an expansive wet room, this creates the sense of a larger open space.

5. More Style Options – You can decide what to make as the focal point of your bathroom and how defined the shower area will be: full-glass enclosure, partially glassed in, or leave it wide open- its up to your design aesthetic!

A curbless glass shower offers a combination of a visually stunning look with an accessible open-concept design.  If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and want to create a modern look by choosing a glass shower enclosure for your new walk-in shower, we can help.

Check out our glass shower gallery for inspiration!

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