Cool DIY Glass Top Table Ideas

Whether you’re updating your dining or kitchen area, moving into a new home with a big dining room, or designing an elegant outdoor patio setting, a glass top table can be the perfect focal point.  Creating your own table doesn’t have to be difficult and, when you add a glass tabletop, you get a piece of furniture that’s both uniquely yours and easy to maintain.  Here are some cool DIY ideas for creating your own table with a glass table top to match your style.

Urban Industrial Style – You can create a trendy, industrial-style table without any carpentry or woodworking skills.  Just buy a set of industrial metal pipe table legs (available online) and add a glass table top to create a contemporary look in your kitchen or dining area.

Style Eclectic – Reclaimed doors often have lovely patterns, interesting patinas, and are made from solid wood.  This makes them a beautiful option for making a classy-looking table with an eclectic flair.  If you can find one of these beautiful old doors at an auction, salvage yard, garage sale, or reclaimed goods store, add metal hairpin legs (available at home improvement stores) and a glass tabletop to create a new take on a classic look. Here’s are some great instructions from HGTV for How to Build a Dining Table from an Old Door.

glass top table can be made with pallets
Wood pallets for rustic glass topped table

Rustic Cabin Style – For a charming outdoor coffee table that blends well with a country-cottage or farmhouse design, use double or triple-stacked wood pallets to create a table base.  Then top it off with custom-cut glass to add a touch of elegance.

Trendy and Quirky – Using unusual materials can create wonderfully stylish results.  A large old bicycle wheel mounted onto legs from a stool and topped with a custom glass tabletop can give you a funky bistro café table you’ll love.

Artsy – Utilizing a few basic carpentry skills and some simple art supplies, you can build a cool shadow box table.  Attach a gallery, or modern style frame to a piece of plywood of the same size to create a shallow box.  Add table legs that you can purchase online or in a home improvement store.  Fill the box with photos, baubles, and even tiny lights, and top with a cut glass tabletop to create a uniquely personal table.

Family Fun Style – Have an old wood table that’s seen better days.   You can use it to make a super fun table that the whole family can create together.  Have each person use a rotary tool (you can buy these online pretty cheap) to carve their initials into the table.  If you want to get really crafty you can even etch designs or drawings into the wood too.  Top it off with a tempered glass tabletop and you’ll have a fantastic family table for all to admire.

Glass tabletops can help you to add a personal touch to your décor’.  They are easy to maintain and resistant to the elements.  Unlike natural granite or wood, glass is non-porous so it doesn’t stain.  Adding a glass top to a wood table can help prevent scratches, dents, and moisture damage.  Glass cleaner and the occasional wipe down are all a glass tabletop needs to keep looking beautiful.

pencil polish glass edge
Pencil Polish

One clear advantage of creating a glass-topped table is how many options are available.  At Dick’s Rancho Glass we can have a glass tabletop made for you in the exact size and shape you need.  Once you’ve selected the dimensions you can move on to choosing one of the many edge styles we can offer for your glass top.  From a basic flat or pencil shape to the more complex triple pencil and Ogee style.  The edge you choose can enhance your table’s profile and add another distinctive customization making your table unique.  See our glass table tops page to view some of the edge styles available.

At Dick’s Rancho Glass we have many years of glass experience and can help you choose the custom cut glass that’s right for your glass table project.   They can also add or replace glass for other existing furniture like patio tables, antiques, writing desks, or conference tables.  If you’re interested in learning more about the glass table tops you can order contact Dick’s Rancho Glass or stop into one of our two glass shop locations. 

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