Why Choose a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

The shower is typically the focal point of a bathroom so an old ugly shower can really stand out.  You can try to cover it up with a big drafty curtain but when the shower is outdated it can make your whole bathroom look bad.   If you’re considering a fresh new look for your bathroom, here are some reasons to buy a frameless glass shower enclosure.

Clear Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure
No-Threshold Walk-in Glass Shower

Glass Showers are Easy to Clean – A tub can have a lot of cervices and corners that make it difficult to clean, and framed showers can have hardware to work around.  Frameless glass showers can make the bathroom easier to clean.  With a frameless shower door, you can usually move in and out of the shower easily when cleaning the floor and walls.  For day-to-day cleaning, you can simply squeegee your shower glass to clear it of spots.

Glass Showers Make a Space Feel Larger – Framed showers or shower curtains can make a space feel smaller by cutting off your line of sight.  With a glass shower enclosure, a bathroom can feel much bigger by providing openness and airiness that is missed when using a curtain or obstructive frame.  Walk-in glass shower enclosures can also allow for more space since the dimensions are not tied to the size of a tub.

Frameless Showers are Accessible – Walk-in showers, or no-threshold showers, are much easier to get into than tubs and for people with mobility concerns or someone in a wheelchair, accessibility is a very important feature.  A frameless walk-in enclosure can make the showering process hassle-free.

Light Flows through a Glass Shower – The bathroom is one of those places in your home where the lighting plays an important role in performing your daily routine. If the shower is dark, finding the soap, shampoo, or razor can be difficult.  A frameless glass panels and doors eliminate barriers like shower curtains or heavy hardware and allows natural and artificial light to flow into the space unimpeded improving visibility.

Glass Showers are Elegant – Glass walk-in showers create a level of elegant sophistication that is simply not found in traditional tub and curtain or framed showers. Old-style showers using traditional shower curtains or sliding framed doors can cut off sightlines, whereas glass doors allow your eye to see into the shower space, creating a sense that the room is more expansive. Because frameless glass shower enclosures are so sleekly unobtrusive, they look great no matter how your bathroom is decorated.

A glass shower enclosure provides for a more open look and feel with a straightforward view into the shower and allows the beauty of the space to shine through.  If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and want to create a fresh look by choosing a glass shower enclosure, we can help.

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