Brighten Your Space with Glass Shelves

Dick’s Rancho Glass can make or order custom size glass shelves.
Custom-sized Glass Shelves

Do you have a room in your home that seems dark? Lack of light can be a common problem in many homes.  A room without adequate windows, blocked windows, or with old light fixtures that are dim, can feel dusky. Adding to the darkness – Bulky furniture, opaque storage fixtures, and dark-colored interior design elements can absorb light and make a space feel gloomier.

A stylish and easy solution to a gloomy room problem is introduce more glass into the space. Glass wall shelves are an excellent way to maintain storage capacity while giving the room a brighter and more open feeling.  

How Do Glass Shelves Brighten Up a Space?

If you’re wondering how glass shelves can brighten up your space, the answer is glass is transparent and reflective. Light can pass freely through glass shelves, allowing the light to illuminate more of your space. Glass is also reflective, so light bounces off the glass, instead of being absorbed like it might by a dark plank shelf.

Light It Up!

Another great way to brighten up your space with glass shelving is to add LED lights. This modern touch increases the amount of light in your space and adds a trendy design element to your room. 

LED lights can provide subtle or dramatic illumination depending on what look you are trying to achieve. Lights can be placed underneath, above, or on the side of the shelf. LED lights are generally low-cost and come in a variety of colors so you can easily match them to your design plan.

Glass Shelves are Easy to Maintain.

In addition to being beautiful, glass shelves are low maintenance. If something is spilled on them, they can easily be cleaned. Unlike a wooden shelf, glass won’t warp or stain. Glass won’t discolor over time, nor does it need to be repainted or re-finished. To keep your glass shelves looking sparkly and beautiful all you need to do is dust them, and occasionally give them a good bath using a lint-free glass cloth and a glass cleaning spray.

Incorporating Glass Shelves in Your Home’s Interior Design Plan.

Glass shelves can brighten your space and enhance the beauty of your home. Interior designers love glass shelving for its versatility, timeless elegance, and functionality. If you’re thinking about brightening up your space with glass shelves Dick’s Rancho Glass can help! The glass design professionals at Dick’s Rancho Glass have years of experience helping homeowners in Rancho Cordova and Fair Oaks find the right glass shelving for their homes. Contact one of our Sacramento area glass shops today!

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