BOO! Ghostly Curtains and Window Drafts

If your drapes or curtains are moving about even when the window is closed, your home could be occupied by a busy ghost, or you have a drafty window.

If you’re experiencing ghostly curtains, you could call those buster guys, or you can check for the more likely culprit window drafts. To figure out if you have a drafty window shut and lock your window, hold your hand at the top or the bottom of the window sash where it meets the frame. If you feel air coming through, it’s not Casper, it’s a drafty window.

Common reasons for drafty windows include:

  • Old age – many older windows were not made to the energy efficiency standards of today’s windows. Some old windows may only be a single pane. In addition, these older windows can simply wear out over time leaving them susceptible to air leaks.
  • Cracked window caulking – After windows are installed, a sealant called caulk is applied to the frame where the siding meets the window. The caulk is supposed to fill the spaces and gaps blocking air from leaving or entering the house. If the caulk cracks or chips away due to age or exposure, the gaps become a way for the outside air to come in and the inside air to escape your home.
  • Improper installation – Faulty installation of windows can cause multiple problems. For example, if the installer doesn’t fit the window properly in the frame opening, or fails to seal the window completely, the gaps and spaces around the frame could cause a draft or worse water infiltration. This is why window installation is better left to the professionals.

Drafts are a problem for a few reasons. In addition to ghostly curtains making your house look haunted, if you have drafty windows, it means that in the cooler months, the air you are paying to heat is leaking out. Or in the sweltering Sacramento summer hot air is coming in. Either way, your HVAC system must work harder to keep your home at the temperature you set. These air leaks or drafts can also make certain areas in your home uncomfortable because of hot spots or cold spots.

Because drafty windows let hot summer air or cold winter air in, and AC-cooled or furnace-heated air out, you may be paying higher utility bills. The cost of running your air conditioning can be higher because your unit must compensate for the hot air transferred into your home from your inefficient windows. In the winter your home heating bill may increase because cold outside air is making its way into your home while warm air is escaping through leaky windows.

Old drafty window before replacement
Drafty Old Single-Pane Window

Window drafts can indicate bigger problems may be on your horizon.  Waiting too long to replace your windows can lead to nightmare expenses that no homeowner wants to deal with.  Foggy glass, insect issues, musty smells, or even water leaks can all be foreshadowed by window drafts.  If your windows are old and leaky it may be time to consider new window replacement. 

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