7 Reasons to Choose New Windows from Milgard

New windows can transform the look and feel of your home. Modern replacement windows can improve the efficiency of your home, increase natural light, switch up the style of a room, and increase your comfort level. There’s no better way to get the most from your window project than to choose replacement windows from Milgard®.

If you are thinking about a replacement window project, here are seven reasons to consider choosing attractive new windows from Milgard®.

1. New Windows from Milgard have Exceptional Durability

Milgard® developed and produces their own high-quality vinyl formula. This high-performance product is manufactured in controlled environments to exacting standards and is heat-stable, non-corroding, and virtually maintenance-free.

Fiberglass window frames from Milgard have low expansion and contraction rates with temperature changes making them strong and durable in any climate. Milgard windows and doors are tested for quality and consistency of strength and performance.

2. New Windows Improve the Look of Your Home

First impressions of a home matter, and updating your windows can give your house a fresh clean look. New windows from Milgard are great looking and can make a statement, elevating your home’s curb appeal by giving it a more updated appearance. New replacement windows can also improve the interior look of your home and increase your home’s energy efficiency making them a great long-term investment.

3. New Milgard Windows are Energy Efficient

Milgard® is a proud ENERGY STAR® partner. Energy Star® packages are available for your specific climate. The energy star label identifies products that meet the highest energy efficiency and performance standards as dictated by the EPA.

Choosing replacement windows with the energy star label can save you money on your utilities. In addition to saving money, with more efficient windows and doors, you use less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes.

New windows with black trim from Milgard

4. Newly Available Design Options

Windows play an important part in the appearance of a home. The right window design and finish can enhance the look of your home and match your exterior trim, siding, or stucco.  Milgard offers a variety of window design options to match your home’s unique style. These options include different frame styles, window sizes, and hardware types, with multiple interior and exterior window finish color choices including trendy black.

5. Milgard Windows are Practically Maintenance Free

Once your new Milgard windows have been professionally installed, there is very little maintenance needed to keep them in good shape. A bit of soap and water will keep window frames looking fresh. Vinyl window finishes from Milgard are designed to last and do not require any future painting.

6. New Windows Offer Increased Comfort

Say goodbye to old window drafts with new replacement windows from Milgard. Old windows can let in all sorts of unwanted things such as cold air, hot air, noise, or moisture. New replacement windows will increase your comfort level by eliminating these unwanted intrusions.

Old windows can stick and be hard to open making it difficult to let in the cool evening breeze on a hot summer day. New replacement windows from Milgard are built for smooth operation so there is no problem opening them up to cool things off.

7. Milgard Window Warranties

You want to choose windows that are not only attractive but come with a great warranty from a manufacturer that stands behind its products. Milgard® offers high-quality windows and patio doors that are built to last. For over fifty years Milgard® has designed and manufactured superior-quality windows and doors that add to the comfort and beauty of your home, all backed by industry-leading warranties.  

Not only are new windows from Milgard attractive, but they are also durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance. New replacement windows from Milgard can improve the comfort level of your home while offering many design options and a great warranty.

Milgard certified dealer

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